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“You Serious? We’re Fighting Nazis”: Israel Ex PM On Gaza Siege Question

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Naftali Bennett has joined reserve duty on the frontlines after the Hamas attack

New Delhi:

Defending Israel’s decision to cut off power supply to Gaza Strip following Hamas’ shocking attack on its cities, former Israel Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said his country is “fighting Nazis” and that he is not going to feed the enemy.

During an interview with SkyNews, Bennett was asked a question on how the power cut has hit healthcare facilities in the Gaza Strip, including life support systems and incubators for newborns.

In a furious response, the former Israel Prime Minister said, “Are you serious? You keep on asking me about Palestinian civilians. What’s wrong with you? Have you not seen what happened? We are fighting Nazis. We didn’t target them.”

Israel has launched a brutal counterstrike after an attack by Hamas, which controls the Gaza region, claimed 1,200 Israeli lives. As part of its retaliation, the Benjamin Netanyahu government has imposed a siege of the Gaza Strip, cutting off power, water and food supplies.

“The world can come and bring them anything they want. I am not going to feed electricity or water to my enemies. We are not responsible for this,” Bennett said.

This started a heated exchange between the former Israel Prime Minister and TV presenter Kamali Melbourne. “This is my show and I am asking the questions. You are raising your voice,” Melbourne hit back. Bennett, meanwhile, kept saying, “Shame on you” and accused the presenter of pushing a “false narrative”.

“I am not in the military. I am a journalist asking you questions. We have already distinguished between Hamas and Palestinians. I am asking you what is going to be done to make sure those innocent people don’t get killed as innocent Jewish people were killed on Saturday,” Melbourne asked.

To this, Bennett replied, “We are going to target Hamas and we are telling Hamas, if you use anyone as your human shield and shoot at us, it’s your responsibility. If someone is shooting at your children and hiding behind a human shield, will you shoot back or not? What would you do.”

Bennett was Israel’s Prime Minister between June 2021 and June 2022. A former commando in Israel Defense Forces, he has joined reserve duty on the frontlines after the Hamas attack sparked a war.