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Woman’s Dating Tip On How To Make Use Of Bengaluru Traffic To Find Love Amuses Internet

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Prakriti Sharma shared the idea on her social media handle.

Bengaluru is infamous for its traffic, where it takes excruciatingly long to cover short distances. Recently, a user on X, formerly Twitter has shared a unique idea on how to utilise the time when stuck in the city’s peak traffic hours. Prakriti Sharma shared the idea on her social media handle. 

Ms Sharma wrote on X, “Try meeting earlier and commuting together to your favourite spot during peak traffic hours. This way, you’ll get to spend much more time together and you’ll also find out if they have any anger issues.”

See the post here:

The post has amassed more than 14,400 views on the social media platform. Her post has received a barrage of comments from the netizens. 

A user wrote, “This is my litmus test – how are we together in traffic.”

Another user commented, “Banglore dating tip for men: Get Rich.”

“Then Bangalore traffic will be a national breakup event technically a pandemic,” the third user wrote. 

“What a way to experience arranged marriage, when you figure out this person is so not for you.. but you are stuck at silk board,” the fourth user wrote. 

“And to make your experience better, like candlelight dinner, they are adding a tunnel as well,” the fifth user joked. 

Earlier, another user on X shared how she used her time while being stuck in traffic.

In a post on X, formerly Twitter, a user named Priya shared she tried to be productive by peeling vegetables while stuck in traffic in the city. The woman could be seen sitting on the passenger seat of a car with peeled vegetables placed on her lap.

She wrote, “Being productive during peak traffic hours.”

According to the latest report by Greenpeace India, the average commute time for car users in Bengaluru is typically observed to be a minimum of one hour when covering a standard travel distance of 10 kilometres. 

Meanwhile, a report has revealed that Bengaluru has suffered a loss of Rs 19,725 crore per year due to its traffic delays, congestion, stoppage of signals, time loss, fuel loss and related factors.

The study conducted by traffic expert M N Sreehari and his team looks at issues surrounding road planning, flyover, traffic management, and infrastructural deficit.

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