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”We’ed Be Happy…”: Mumbai Police Reacts To Zomato Delivery Man’s ”Secret Ganja” Inquiry

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The messages sent by the Zomato delivery partner raised concerns.

Mumbai police has reacted to a viral tweet claiming that one of Zomato’s delivery executives offered to bring weed to a customer. X user Sakshi Jain, in a now-deleted tweet, shared a screenshot of the message about how a Zomato delivery agent asked her friend if she wanted ‘secret ganja.’

Mumbai police, which is known for its witty and hilarious anti-drug posts responded to the tweet and wrote, ”Ma’am, we really need what he’s got. WE’ED be happy to get in touch with your roommate’s delivery partner, for his benevolence! Please DM, we can reach the location in 10 minutes too.”

They also added hashtags like #DeliveringSafety, #HashSayNoToDrugs, and #HoshMeinAao urging users to not do drugs. 

See the tweet here:

It all happened when the X user’s roommate ordered food from Subway around 2:30 a.m. and received an unusual text from the delivery agent. He asked the customer whether there was something else she needed apart from her order.

Sharing the image, Sakshi Jain wrote, ”So my roommate had placed an order from @zomato last night, and this is what the delivery guy texted her.” She attached a screenshot of the message that read, ”I am on my way to deliver your order. Kuch chahiye aap ko. Secret Ganja (Weed), etc.” 

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A screenshot of the conversation went viral on social media, leaving users amused who cracked jokes and made memes on it. Some also raised some valid concerns and tagged Zomato alerting them about the illegal practice.

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