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Watch: Violent Storm Causes Sofa To Fly In Sky In Turkey’s Ankara

It is not confirmed whether anyone was hurt during the incident.

In a shocking incident reported from Turkey, a violent storm caused furniture to fly in the sky in the country’s capital Ankara. The footage, which is being shared widely on social media, shows strong winds causing a sofa flying through the sky and hitting another building during a storm. 

The video of the same was shared by a Twitter page known as Guru of Nothing. In the short video, an object is seen flying in the sky initially. As the camera zooms in, one figures out that it is actually a sofa. Within seconds, the strong winds force the sofa to hit another building. It is not confirmed whether anyone was hurt during the incident. 

“Imagine looking out your window and seeing a sofa flying towards you,” said a user.

A second person added, “Imagine getting smacked by a flying couch…man.”

“need to remake Aladdin with updated mode of transport,” remarked a person.

“Only in Turkiye hahaha,” commented a user.

“Would love to sit on this couch and not land ever,” said a person.

On May 17, Ankara witnessed a violent storm which caused a lot of havoc in the city. Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mansur Yavas took to Twitter to inform the residents about the heavy winds and rains and asked them to take necessary precaution. In a tweet, he said, “According to the data obtained from the meteorology, the wind in Ankara is expected to reach up to 78 km per hour. I beg you to take action.”

Replying to the Mayor, a person added, “I am 50 years old and I have never seen such a storm in my life. The wind has lifted all the gutters and now it’s raining heavily.”

Many people also shared videos and pictures of the same on social media.