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Watch: This Man Can Play 14 Instruments At Once. Internet Is Impressed

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Gladson Peter hopes to achieve a Guinness World Record

It’s true that talent knows no boundaries. A man named Gladson Peter has mastered 49 musical instruments and can play 14 of them at once. The most inspiring thing of all is that he has only 40 per cent lung capacity due to tuberculosis. Despite his health condition, he is following his passion for music.

The inspiring video of Mr Peter playing 14 instruments at once was shared by Travel blogger Shenaz Treasury on Instagram. In the video, he can be seen holding a guitar in his hand and playing a slide whistle and harmonica simultaneously. He has also connected wires to his leg to play the drums. He has crash cymbals tied to his back.

The caption of the video reads, “This man has only one lung And he plays all these instruments ( wind instruments included with just 40 per cent lung capacity) I’m so inspired! Are you? He can play 49 instruments 14 instruments at one time What a talent!”

Watch the video here:

Mr Peter hopes to achieve a Guinness World Record as he claims that he is the only individual in India who can play 14 instruments at the same time.

The internet was impressed with his talent and wished him luck. A user wrote, ” all the best Gladson wish u get the record super soon.”

Another user wrote, “All the best for the World Record… You are India’s pride.”

The third user commented, “Respect for him.”

“God bless him, and may he keep winning In what he does. He has my support. And thank you Shen for this share,” commented the fourth user.

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