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Watch: NRI Couple Receives Bag Full Of Desi Snacks, Their Reaction Is Too Relatable

If you ask the NRI community what they miss the most about living in India, the majority would say simple ghar ka khaana. And why not? After all, home-cooked meals are nothing less than emotion. This seems to be the case with an NRI couple who asked their friends to bring them Indian spices and snacks when they returned from their homeland. A video giving a glimpse of their excitement after receiving “a suitcase full of joy” might be the best thing on the internet today. The video was shared by the couple, Karishma and Rikin, on their Instagram account. The two Mumbaikars live in London. So when their friends were coming from India, understandably, they handed them a list full of items they wanted from their country. Learning about the stuff they received in a suitcase will honestly bring a smile to your face.
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The moment Karishma opened the suitcase, innumerable desi snacks were seen piled on top of each other. A large packet of aloo bhujia was placed next to a packet of sev khammi. Multiple bottles of garam masala turned out to be the highlight of the video. We also caught a glimpse of a massive family pack of our favourite Maggi. They also received packaged snacks like Kurkure and Lays, and Kashmiri lal mirch. The caption with the video reads, “Got me at garam masala! Thank you, Devanshi and Keshav Marda for bringing us a suitcase full of joy!” Needless to say, the clip was an instant hit on the internet.

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Internet users were quick to react to the video and left numerous reactions in the comments section. While some found their excitement for Indian snacks relatable, others pointed out that they are now easily available abroad as well. One comment read, “All this stuff is available at Indian grocery stores. I was expecting some homemade food or spices; anyhow, nice.” A user said, “It’s so funny to watch Indian people moving out for money and still not being able to afford Indian spices there and showing excitement for our Indian spices which we use regularly, damn, did you even move out.” Some also channeled their inner wit and wrote, “Yeh parampara tutani nahi chahiye, iska khayal hume rakhna padega.” One commented, “Hahahaha love this!” “All of those things are available in Indian stores across the UK, USA, AUS, everywhere,” said another.

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