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Watch: Gold Worth Rs 1.40 Crore Found In Undergarments, Shoes In Mumbai

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Further investigation is underway in the case.


Gold worth Rs 1.40 crore concealed in undergarments and footwear, was seized from foreign nationals by the Mumbai Customs department.

The seizure was made from three foreign nationals, who had arrived from Addis Abada to Mumbai on Friday. The gold weighs over 3 kilograms and is valued at around Rs 140 crores.

As per the Mumbai Customs, the accused had concealed the gold in their undergarments and in the sole of the footwear.

The information was given by the Mumbai Customs department in a statement.

“On 10th March, Mumbai Airport Customs seized over 3 Kg gold valued at Rs 1.40 Crore from three foreign nationals who had arrived from Addis Ababa to Mumbai. Gold was found to be concealed in their undergarments and insole of the footwear,” the statement read.

Further investigation is underway in the case.

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