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Watch: Australian Man Spins Ferris Wheel With His Bare Hands, Sets Guinness World Record

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This is Mr Conley’s fourth Guinness World Record

An Australian man has set a Guinness world record after spinning an entire Ferris wheel around in just 16 minutes 55 seconds–using his bare hands. Troy Conley-Magnusson, 39, achieved the feat at Sydney’s Luna Park to raise funds for the charity Little Wings, which benefits seriously ill children and their families. 

He attempted the record to honour the memory of 11-year-old Zac, who sadly passed away last year after battling eye cancer.

Guinness world record shared a time-lapse video of his attempt and captioned it as, ”New record: Fastest time to rotate a Ferris wheel – 16 minutes 55 seconds by Troy Conley-Magnusson (Australia) This Ferris wheel, at Luna Park in Sydney, is in the shadow of the Sydney Opera House and was entirely rotated by hand.”

Watch the video here:

As per GWR, the ferris wheel was put into ”freewheeling” mode, meaning that the hydraulics and brakes were disengaged. The wheel was not powered in any way, so Mr Conley was required to use his sheer strength alone to turn it.

”This is by far one of the hardest physical and mental challenges I have ever undertaken, and I’d done some pretty extreme feats of strength over the years. This was different; something that had never been done before and something that required 100% commitment of mind and body, ” Mr Conley told GWR.

This is Mr Conley’s fourth Guinness World Record, with the 39-year-old also the holder of the record for most cars, pulled with the teeth, the heaviest vehicle pushed over 100 feet and the fastest 20-meter light aircraft pull with the teeth. 

Notably, he is also the founder of an organisation called Pull 4 Purpose, a group of strongmen and strongwomen who accomplish extraordinary feats of strength for charity.

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