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Watch: 104-Year-Old Woman Skydives From Plane In Record-Breaking Attempt

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On her 100th birthday, she had her first skydiving experience

104-year-old Dorothy Hoffner from Chicago just proved that age is just a number. Ms Hoffner jumped out of a plane and became one of the oldest people to skydive on Sunday. However, Guinness World Records verification is still pending.

The centennial ditched her walker and hopped onto a plane, took a leap of faith and went skydiving.

“It’s fun, and it seemed so nice and peaceful, coming down with a parachute on top of you,” Ms Hoffner told CNBC Make It. “You can see the whole countryside; it was so beautiful.”

Skydive Chicago uploaded the video of Ms Hoffner attempting to break the skydiving record. The caption read, “It was amazing helping our 104-year-old friend Dorothy Hoffner make an attempt to become the OLDEST PERSON in the world to EVER skydive! She reminded all of us this past Sunday that age is just a number and the beauty of life is just a jump away.”

Watch the video here:

This was not the first time, she skydived. On her 100th birthday, she had her first skydiving experience. Four years later, she wanted to redo it because she was pushed out of the plane when she really wanted to lead the way, the media outlet reported.

She shared, “When we got to the altitude [and] we were going to go out, we all stood up, went by the door and just put our feet out and left the plane. It was wonderful.”

According to a representative from Skydive Chicago, she may soon be declared the oldest person to do a tandem parachute jump. “If you ever get the chance, do it. It’s not frightening,” she said. She will also try a trip in a hot air balloon.

Currently, the record is held by a 103-year-old woman.

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