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Want Your Kids To Eat Those Greens? A VR Glass May Do The Trick

Parents struggling to make their kids eat green vegetables is a tale as old as time. While we all have vegetables that we intensely dislike, how would you react to those vegetables if they tasted as good as chocolate?  According to a Business Insider report, come 2040, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology can trick your brain into believing that you are eating something that you are not. Citing a report by British online food delivery company Deliveroo, it claimed that just by breathing “on the device” it can tell you “what food you should be eating,” keeping your health in consideration. Yes, you read that right.
Business Insider quoted the report as saying, “You can breathe on your device and get a deep level of insight into what foods you should be eating to have an optimal impact on your individual health and well-being.” This is not all. 
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Photo Credit: iStock

The report further stated that just by putting on the smart glasses you can taste chocolate in your mouth while  eating eggplants. “Thanks to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology, your brains could be tricked into thinking you are eating something you are not, for example, if you are a fussy eater who doesn’t want to eat vegetables, you could put on smart glasses and think you are eating chocolate or sweets,” the report added.
The report also said that 2040 will witness extreme advancements in this regard, where, from increased consumption of hormone-balancing food to bringing in silent cafes, there will be many more trends in the field of food technology. Moreover, keeping health concerns at the forefront, instead of wheat, rice and maize people will reportedly start using amaranth, fonio, sorghum, teff, khorasan, einkorn and emmer in the future.
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The technology will also bring a difference in the beauty regimes of the larger population. The report said, “Be ready to see edible beauty products like anti-ageing ice cream and the chance to dine from hormone-balancing and dopamine-driving menus.” In 2040, wines will be evolved into “wine cordials,” which will have the taste and texture of the wine but without intoxication. Well, get a drink to soak it all in!