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Viral Video: Thrissur Man’s Lucky Escape – Venomous Cobra Found Inside His Helmet

3dgiued cobra was found inside the helmet of a parked

Cobra was found inside the helmet of a parked scooter.

A man in Kerala narrowly avoided a venomous snake bite when he discovered a small cobra inside his two-wheeler helmet. Sojan, who is a native of Thrissur, had placed his helmet on the platform beside his parked scooter at his workplace. Later in the evening, as he was preparing to leave and retrieve his vehicle, he noticed something entering his helmet.

“It felt like a snake,” Sojan said. He promptly alerted the forest department about the presence of the reptile, and a snake volunteer named Lijo arrived at the location.

The venomous small cobra was discovered inside the helmet upon close inspection by the snake catcher. The video footage reveals that when the snake catcher was carefully searching for the snake by placing the helmet on the ground, it remained hidden from view on the outside. However, when the inner lining of the helmet was examined, the small cobra was detected.

The snake was only approximately 2 months old. Lijo, the snake volunteer, emphasized the greater danger posed by the bite of a small cobra.

“A small cobra’s bite is more dangerous than a larger one,” said Lijo.

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