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Viral Video: Street Vendor’s “Hygienic” Chicken Shawarma Raises Eyebrows

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Street food in India takes our taste buds on a yummy ride. From savoury chaats like pani puri and bhel puri to mouthwatering snacks like vada pav and bread tikki, every region in India boasts its array of delightful street snacks. However, amidst the allure, there’s a concern about hygiene. The preparation conditions may not always align with the strictest hygiene standards, leading to potential health risks. Despite this, the love for street food persists, as people are drawn to the authentic flavours and cultural richness that street food vendors offer. A viral video demonstrated the preparation of a whopping 100 kg of chicken shawarma at a street-side stall, claiming it to be “hygienic”. 

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The street food vendor began by placing a large container and filling it with raw meat. Then, he proceeded to season the meat with various spices and salt, using his hands. He added oil, curd, and all the necessary masala ingredients. At one point, while adding a particular sauce to the mixture, the bottle accidentally fell into the mix. Undeterred, he picked up the fallen bottle and continued with the preparation. He then vigorously mixed the ingredients using his bare hands, without wearing any gloves or protective gear.

After thoroughly mixing, he transferred the entire container of meat onto a large, scorching skillet to cook. The meat was cooked until it turned golden brown and all the excess water was dispersed from the chicken. Then, he was observed using a metal spoon to smash the chicken, breaking it down into smaller, bite-sized pieces. 

Next, he skillfully diced and chopped onions, tomatoes, and green chillies. These fresh ingredients were cooked and incorporated into the chicken mixture. He proceeded to prepare rotis dipped in oil, onto which he spread mayonnaise and generously added the chicken shawarma mixture. The video mentioned that each chicken shawarma roll was prices at Rs 60-70.
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The video claimed that this same procedure is followed daily, churning out 100 kilograms of shawarma, all of which consistently sell out by the end of the day.

However, despite the caption calling it “hygienic”, people in the comments were sceptical and had doubts regarding the cleanliness and safety of the preparation method

A user said, “Health insurance is added to the chat and health left the chat.”

Another wrote, “Hygienic ok but what about the sauce bottle that fell in it?” 

“Unhygienic,” a person chimed in. 

“Stop trying to defame Shawarma,” said a user. 

Will you give it a try?