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Viral Video Shows Making Of Childhood Favourite ‘Honey Candy’, Internet Concerned

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A video showing the making of ‘honey candies’ has gone viral

In recent times, several ‘making of’ videos have been making the rounds online. They allegedly show what goes on behind the scenes during the manufacturing of different food items, from snacks like kurmura and salted peanuts to sweet treats like cakes and ice-creams. More often than not, people are left quite concerned with the reality of ingredients, techniques and lack of hygiene. We recently came across another such viral video which has left many Instagram users aghast. This time, the food in focus is a reddish sweet known as ‘honey candy’ or ‘thaen mittai.”

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In the video, we see a person at a factory/ manufacturing unit mixing red colouring with what looks to be oil in a kadhai. Water and flour are added to the vessel next. The person combines all the ingredients with his bare hands to form a thick dough. He then transfers the dough to another container and drizzles oil or ghee over it. Afterwards, he takes the dough and spreads it on a flour-dusted surface. He flattens the dough evenly with a rolling pin. Next, using a small handheld tool, he pierces the flattened dough to get bite-sized pieces of candy. These small pieces are fried and then dunked in what seems to be sugar syrup. They are finally packaged in plastic. Watch the full reel here:

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The video has received 34 million views so far. Although posted on 18th July, it has managed to retain the interest of many Instagram users. In the comments, people have raised concerns regarding hygiene and the kind of ingredients used. Some have expressed disillusionment after discovering what goes into a treat they used to enjoy in their childhood. Read some of the reactions below:

“Hygiene left the chat.”
“It’s not healthy.”
“Childhood memories ruined in seconds!!!!”
“Never gonna eat this again.”
“I still used to eat one or two occasionally as this was my favourite childhood sweet. Now it’s time to say goodbye.”
“Where is the honey?”
“Honey left the chat.”
“There is no honey in the honey candy. I’ve been cheated since my childhood.”

What did you think of the video? Let us know in the comments below.

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