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Viral Video: Pune Boy’s Unique Zomato Order Solves Commute Struggles – Here’s How

Video of unsual ride has gone viral on internet. Photo Credit: Instagram/sarthaksachdevva

Living in a metro city comes with its fair share of perks and challenges. While you get to enjoy the best of the facilities around, it becomes a struggle to secure a cab, auto-rickshaw, or any local transport on time to commute. But it seems this Pune boy found a way to make his journey back home fuss-free. How, you ask? He just ordered food on Zomato! You read that right. Content creator Sarthak Sachdeva recently took the internet by storm with his effortless trick to crack the perpetual cab booking hassle. Let’s find out what he did.

A video, posted by Sachdeva on his Instagram handle, opens with him struggling to find a cab or auto to travel back home. After multiple failures to secure a transport, he came up with a simple, yet resourceful solution. He walked to the nearest mall – Royale Heritage Mall in Pune – and ordered a burger through Zomato to his home address. What happens next?

As soon as the delivery agent reached the mall’s outlet to receive the order, Sarthak approached him with an unusual request. “Along with the burger, can you also take me to my home, please?” he asked the delivery partner in Hindi. The latter seemed to be gracious enough to accept the idea and gave him a ride back home.

This unusual journey was captured in a video and later, we also saw the two sharing and enjoying the burger together upon reaching their destination. “Roz subhe badaam khaane se dimaag tez hota hai (eating almonds every morning sharpens your brain),” the caption of the video read.

Watch the complete video of content creator Sarthak Sachdeva’s journey back home:

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The video has garnered over 810k views, 55k likes, and hundreds of comments till now.

“Zom-ola,” a comment read.

Another person wrote, “If living in Bangalore was made into a reel.”

“Legend,” a third comment read.

A person also said, “Bro found a life hack.”

Another person wrote, “Thanks for the idea”

“This is Elon Musk,” a comment read.

Several others commented on the video with a laugh and love emojis. How did you find this transportation hack? Let us know in the comments below.