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Viral Video Of Unique ‘Spiderman Dosa’ From Chennai Has Got Internet Drooling

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It would not be a stretch to say that dosa has easily become one of the favourite South Indian staples. Whether you have it with masala or with sambhar, with ghee and podi masala or simply with chutneys – there are so many ways to enjoy the humble treat. Recently, dosa was in the limelight after a man ordered it online and got creative with the leftover masala filling. And now, a unique kind of dosa is creating waves on the internet. Take a look:

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Called as ‘Spiderman Dosa’, this humble creation has been taking the internet by storm and has gone viral. Since the time it was posted, it has already received 16.2 million views and 606k likes. The location of the dosa vendor was Kora Food Street in Anna Nagar, Chennai.

In the viral video, we could see the making of the unique ‘Spiderman Dosa’. First, the lady used a bottle to pour out the dosa batter but in an interesting way. Rather than spooning it onto the tawa, she drizzled small streams of the batter in circular motion. This created a web-like structure for the dosa base. Then, she repeated the process on the other tawa as well. Egg wash, vegetable keema and cheese were further added to the filling along with spices such as oregano and chilli flakes. Once both the dosas were cooked, they were sandwiched together and served like a meshed nest with ketchup in the shape of a smile!

A number of users left their comments for the unique Spiderman dosa. “The tomato sauce smile at end was so cute,” wrote one user. “This is our kora food street, super women just like she is cooking,” said another one. “Excellent work,” said a user while another wrote, “This is yummy!”

Would you try this interesting and unique Spiderman dosa? Tell us in the comments.

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