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Viral Video: Man Makes ‘Tadke Wali Chai’, Internet Is Not Impressed

In India, chai holds a special place in people’s hearts. Whether it’s a bustling city or a quiet village, you’ll find tea stalls on nearly every corner, each with its own unique flavour and style. What makes chai truly fascinating is the creativity and experimentation that Indians bring to it. While traditional masala chai (spiced tea) remains a staple, the love for chai has led to a delightful array of variations. Indians love to experiment, concocting diverse flavours by infusing chai with a multitude of ingredients. In a recent viral video shared by a food blogger, an elderly man can be seen preparing tadke wali chai with butter at a street stall. While the concept is unique, internet users were not quite impressed with this concoction.
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Tadka is a cooking technique used in Indian cuisine, involving tempering spices by briefly frying them in hot oil or ghee. The elderly man began by placing a generous amount of butter into a heated utensil, followed by the addition of milk and a few rose petals. Following this, he incorporated tea leaves, sugar, and almonds into the concoction. Stirring the blend, he brought it to a boil. When questioned about the duration he has been selling tadke wali chai, he proudly shared that it’s a family legacy initiated by his grandfather in 1945, which he now continues. Watch the video below:

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While the tea looked good enough, people in the comments shared their feelings of discomfort towards it. One user wrote, “Uncle is selling, that’s fine, but who is buying?’ Another added, ‘The British left the country after drinking this.” Someone else commented, “That’s why people are getting heart attacks at early ages nowadays.” “‘Tomatoes and onions are left to be added in tea,” joked a fourth. A frustrated user stated, ‘You guys will be given a special place in hell.'”

What do you think about this unique chai? Would you try it? Tell us in the comments below.