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Video: YouTubers Blend TV, Fridge In Giant Blender, Internet Asks “Why?”

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A standard-size fridge was reduced to shards.

A video is going viral on the internet which shows YouTubers blending TV, fridge, boat, and golf balls in a gigantic blender. Popular YouTube channel How Ridiculous, known for planning destructive experiments including dropping cars from a great height, created the “world’s largest blender”.

YouTubers Brett Stanford, Derek Herron, and Scott Gaunson used the enormous blender to crush objects including a fridge, a boat, golf balls and a TV. The creators posted this video on August 5, and so far, it has amassed over On August 5, they posted a YouTube video that documented the process of making the blender. This video has over 2 million views.

See the video here:

They have also posted chunks of their video on their Instagram handle. The video starts with a man introducing the blender with enthusiasm. He then announces that he wants to blend his fridge in the giant blender. Moments later, a standard-size fridge was reduced to shards.

The video left internet users amused and puzzled. Commenting on the video, a user asked, “But whyyyyyyyyyy.”

Another user wrote, “”What do you want in your smoothie?” “Whatever’s in the fridge” Me who didn’t hear “whatever’s in””.

“You literally blended a fridge,” asked the third user.

“Not being funny, as much as I enjoy watching you guys I miss the old stuff, impossible shots, trick shots and just you guys being mates. This being said why not revisit the see-saw but do some serious engineering? Loads of stuff you could do with that,” the fourth user commented.

“Most annoying voice and behaviour on instagram,” the fifth user wrote.

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