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Video: Woman Surprises Parents With Business Class Tickets On Flight, Internet Reacts

Ms Kaur said that it was a big deal for her as she hails from a middle-class family.

Parents wish their children to succeed in life and fulfil all their dreams. In order to make their children’s lives better and help them accomplish their goals, parents don’t shy away from making sacrifices. In turn, children also wish to make their parents feel proud of them or provide them with facilities or gifts which can bring a big smile to their faces. In a similar incident, a video of a woman who gifted her parents business class tickets for their trip to the United States is going viral on the internet. Social media users cannot get enough of the priceless reaction of her father who said that he will get the ticket framed.

The video was shared by Instagram user Ishpreet Kaur. In the beginning of the video, she said that she changed their economy tickets to business class tickets at the last moment and her parents had no idea. While boarding, when her father was standing in the economy class queue, she corrected him and said you are in the wrong queue and gave him the boarding pass. There she told her parents that they were flying business class. Both of them were taken aback and her father proudly says, “First time in our life, we are flying business class.” As the family moves towards the boarding gate, Ms Kaur’s father continues checking the ticket with all smiles. He tells his wife that they would get the boarding pass framed. Her mother can be seen emotional throughout the video.

Towards the end of the video, Ms Kaur also shares how her parents enjoyed the various services like welcome drinks, hot towels and dinner. 

“Everything I do, I do it for these moments! I’ve wanted to fly Biz class for a while & almost booked my tickets too but I didn’t because it didn’t feel right to me. I always wanted it to be super special & my parents flying before me or with me. So while traveling to the US, it was the PERFECT moment to do so! I got them changed last minute & it was the BEST decision ever. Their reactions were priceless & my dad almost cried but held back,” she said in the caption. 

She added that it was a big deal for her as she hails from a middle-class family. “Coming from a middle class family, it’s a huge deal to be able to be so financially independent that I’m able to do these things for my family. The joy is so pure and real. The look of how proud he’s of me, is so pure. I LOVE that I didn’t have to think a second before doing this for them. That I didn’t have to flinch or stress ONCE before doing this. That I am blessed today to be able to provide this for my family. I am so BEYOND grateful for them, my relationship with them, this moment, the memories, I feel like this is what LIVING looks like vs existing. And I want them to fly business class EVERY TIME they’re flying! Checking off things on my vision board brings me more joy than ever!! Also, he wasn’t just saying, I’m SURE he’s gonna get them framed.”

Since being shared, her post has amassed 1.8 million views and 1.9 lakh likes.

“I love the way your father keeps looking at you inside the plane. He is feeling blessed,” a person commented.

“This reel is full of purity and beautiful emotions which is cushioning my heart wholly,” added another person.

A third user said, “That proud feeling”


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