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Video: Woman Skips Rope While Riding A Bicycle, Internet Divided

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“India’s got talent,” said a user.

Videos of people performing risky stunts surface on the internet from time to time. While some have a natural ability to pull off such stunts, others do it to fuel their adrenaline drive. Some even perform such activities to become a viral sensation on the internet. Now, a video of a woman performing a dangerous stunt is making the rounds on the internet. In the clip, she is seen riding a bicycle and using a skipping rope at the same time. 

A video of the same was shared by user Bushra. In the video, a woman dressed in traditional attire is seen riding a bicycle. A few moments later, she takes out a skipping rope and starts using it. She continues to perform the risky activity till the end of the video. 

“Skipping in my style,” reads the caption of the video. Since being shared on October 7, the video has amassed 2.3 lakh views and 3.6 million views.  Instagram followers were in awe of her coordination and balance skills and enjoyed the performance. The woman’s regular followers showered her with compliments and flooded the comments section with heart and love emojis. However, others also questioned her safety.

“India’s got talent,” said a user.

“Super,” added another person.

A third person added, “Ye bahot risky h sis… please be careful (This is very risky, sister).”

“Wow,” commented a person.

“Itna talent kha se laati ho (How are you so talented)” remarked a person.

“Amazing,” added a person.

A user added, “Sister itna risk maat lo (Sister, don’t take so much risk)”

“This should not be done,” commented a user.

According to her Instagram profile, she has 1.2 million followers on the Meta-owned platform. She describes herself as a ”Self-taught Dance Artist,” and often shares videos of dancing and riding a bicycle.  

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