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Video: Telangana Man, Who Made Remarks Against Hindu Gods, Beaten In Police Van

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A man, who was arrested last year for allegedly making controversial remarks against Hindu gods and goddesses, was beaten up inside a police van in Telangana.

Bairi Naresh, 42, was attending an event at a law college when he was told that a group may come to thrash him.

Fearing an attack, Mr Naresh called the police. When the police came to take him away from any trouble, the group came and thrashed him inside the police vehicle. The police tried to shield him, but the group overpowered them and thrashed him.

A video of the incident shows the attackers surrounding the police vehicle and beating Mr Naresh despite the presence of cops. They punched him, pulled him and tore his clothes.

The incident took place in Telangana’s Hanamconda district. The attack was allegedly carried out by right-wing organisations.  

Warangal police commissioner A V Ranganath told String Reveals that all the attackers have been arrested.

Mr Naresh of Atheist Association was arrested on December 31, for making allegedly controversial comments about the Hindu god Ayyappa Swamy. When he was being taken to jail, there was an attempt to attack him. Even when he was in jail, there was fear that he might be attacked by people who were angry with his comments. His wife subsequently complained that he was kept in solitary confinement but the jail authorities denied that.