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Video: Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Removes Couple From Plane For Drunken Cartwheels

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The video was first posted to Reddit in June.

In recent times, a series of viral incidents have shed light on disruptive passenger behavior during flights. The latest addition to this concerning trend involves an incident on Southwest Airlines, which is currently making waves across social media platforms. The viral video of the incident posted online captures the moment when a Southwest Airlines flight attendant removes a couple from a plane. This action reportedly followed the flight attendant’s observation of the woman engaging in drunken cartwheels before boarding. In the video, it is seen that the flight attendant and an airline staff member are preventing the couple from boarding the plane prior to departure. The flight attendant, whose identity remains undisclosed, consistently urges the couple to depart, citing concerns about ‘compromising the aircraft’s safety.’

Watch the video here:

The video extends for more than three and a half minutes, commencing with the flight attendant directing the couple to leave. Throughout the video, the flight attendant and the couple engage in a heated argument for several minutes, all while many other passengers are entering the plane to find their seats.

The flight attendant is seen saying in the video to the passenger, “You’re flipping all over the ground; you’re engaging; you’re loud; you want attention from everybody… The whole entire crew saw it, and all of us are in agreement that you cannot come on here.”

The identities of the couple remain undisclosed, and it remains uncertain if they encountered any additional repercussions stemming from the incident.

The incident happened in June and was first posted on Reddit. It has since garnered significant attention from social media users.

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