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Video: Man Knocks Out Passenger Who Fell Asleep On His Shoulder In New York Train

q7tegdh8 an assault complaint has been filed against the

An assault complaint has been filed against the attacker.

In a shocking incident caught on camera, a person travelling on the New York City subway went berserk and knocked out a man sitting next to him who fell asleep on his shoulder. This violent outburst ignited a clash on the train with several passengers, as per a report in the New York Post. 

A video of the same has gone viral on social media and shows the man shouting and cursing a passenger sitting in front of him. In a few seconds, he gets into a heated discussion with the commuter sitting next to him. “I speak your f***ing dialect and I know who the f*** you are. Go to sleep someplace … Shut the f*** up already” the man screams. When the sleepy commuter whispers his response, the man gets agitated and smashes his elbow into his face multiple times. This leaves the sleepy commuter unconscious for a few seconds. In a few moments, the passenger, who seems to be a friend of the victim, jumps and punches the man. This continues for several minutes and other passengers sitting on the train quickly remove themselves from the scene.

According to authorities, the argument occurred at roughly 5:30 am on the northbound F train as it was making its way to the Forest Hills 71st Avenue stop. The 27-year-old victim was shouted at by the man in both Spanish and English for using him as a cushion.

As per the police, the fight didn’t last very long since the victim and the other passenger got off the train as it entered the tube system, allowing the attacker to continue travelling on the train. 

The victim denied any medical assistance and his friend did not report any injuries. An assault complaint has been filed against the attacker and police is still looking for him.