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Video: Justin Trudeau’s “Creepy” Act In Canada Parliament Raises A Storm Online

dkjn03c justin trudeau sticks tongue

Justin Trudeau’s video quickly gained traction on social media.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is facing backlash for his conduct in the House of Commons after a widely circulated video showed him playfully sticking out his tongue and winking at newly appointed Speaker Greg Fergus. 

In the video, shared on X (formerly Twitter), Speaker Fergus is seen introducing Mr Trudeau as the “honourable Prime Minister” before his address. Wasting no time, Mr Trudeau makes a light-hearted correction by calling himself “very honourable”, and winks.

The video quickly gained traction on social media.

A user said, “Tell me, Justin Trudeau, Liberal Party of Canada, how is this behaviour acceptable in parliament from our so-called PM?! W** is the wink and tongue for? What an absolute joke.”

Another added, “Say he picked that gesture up from watching TikTok.”

“Oh, but, isn’t Justin Trudeau just precious with the wink and the tongue gesture! #Sarcasm,” read a comment.

A few felt what Prime Minister Trudeau did was “gross.” 

A person shared a screenshot of PM Trudeau and said, “Look at that creepy lizard tongue sticking out.”

Greg Fergus made history by becoming the first Black Canadian to hold the chair of Speaker in the House of Commons. 

His election followed the resignation of Anthony Rota, who stepped down amidst controversy for honouring a man associated with a Nazi military unit during World War 2.

The members of the 338-seat House voted for Greg Fergus in a secret ballot. “Today, you are the first Black Canadian to become a Speaker. It should be inspiring for all Canadians, especially younger generations who want to get involved in politics,” said PM Trudeau.