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Video: Drop-Tower Ride Crashes At Rajasthan Fair, 11 Injured

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Police say the crash happened after the rides cable broke.

Eleven people were injured after a drop-tower ride at a fair in Rajasthan’s Ajmer crashed on Monday after its cable snapped abruptly, police said.

Videos of the crash, captured by fairgoers, have been shared on social media.

In one of the clips, the ride can be seen spinning as it begins its descent. Moments later, screams are heard as the high-rise swing suddenly plummets to the ground.

Other videos also show people crying out in pain around the collapsed ride as onlookers try to help them get up.

“Eleven people have suffered injuries and are being treated at a government hospital. All of them are out of danger,” a police officer said, adding that the crash happened after the ride’s cable broke causing it to fall freely to the ground.

In a similar incident last year, another high-rise swing at a Dussehra fair crashed in Punjab’s Mohali, injuring at least 16 people including children.