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Video: 6-Foot Long Python Found Coiled Inside Car Engine In South Delhi

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The video has garnered more than 2,800 views.

A man in South Delhi’s Chittaranjan Park was in for a shock after he discovered a six-foot-long Indian python inside his car. He immediately contacted Wildlife SOS, a New Delhi-based NGO, and a team was dispatched to the location to rescue the snake. The organisation shared a video of the rescue operation on X (formerly Twitter). They said that it took nearly 30 minutes to remove the snake from the car’s engine area. It was later safely secured and handed over to the forest department, which released the reptile back into the wild. 

“A 6-foot-long Python Rescued in Delhi. A massive python found an unexpected refuge in a car in South Delhi. The compassionate car owner reached out to Wildlife SOS for urgent assistance and a well-trained team swiftly arrived at the scene, working in coordination with the police and forest officials,” Wildlife SOS wrote on X while sharing the video of the python rescue.

Watch the clip below: 

According to officials, the rescuers performed a “meticulous operation”, crawling under the car to locate the python, which had made its way into the engine area. “After more than half an hour of careful effort, the snake was safely secured and handed over to the forest officials,” Wildlife SOS added. 

The NGO shared the clip a few days back and since then it has garnered more than 2,800 views. In the comment section, while some internet users called the video “scary,” others simply thanked the wildlife organisation for their efforts. “Wow! #WildlifeSOS,  your team is super amazing,” wrote one user. 

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Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time a snake has been found at an unexpected place. Earlier this month, a man in Kerala narrowly avoided a venomous snake bite when he discovered a small cobra inside his two-wheeler helmet. 

Sojan, who is a native of Thrissur, had placed his helmet on the platform beside his parked scooter at his workplace. Later in the evening, as he was preparing to leave and retrieve his vehicle, he noticed something entering his helmet. He promptly alerted the forest department about the presence of the reptile. The venomous small cobra was discovered inside the helmet upon close inspection by the snake catcher.  

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