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US Woman’s Bizarre ‘Funeral-Themed’ Pregnancy Shoot Goes Viral. See Pics

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She announced her pregnancy while dressed in a black gown and veil

Pregnancy is an exciting time in a woman’s life and many expecting moms choose to capture this beautiful journey through maternity photoshoots. Recently, a woman in the US went viral on the internet with her bizarre maternity photoshoot. Cheridan Logsdon, a 23-year-old woman from Kentucky announced her pregnancy while dressed in a black gown and veil in a funeral-themed pregnancy shoot.

She shared the pictures on Facebook and captioned them as ”RIP to be kid-free! At the ripe age of 23, the young and turnt, rich auntie has finally transitioned over to a mother. All jokes aside, I’m truly excited to start this new chapter in my life! Still can’t believe it but it’s growing on me, iykyk.”

In the images, she is seen pictured in a dark veil, wiping her eyes while holding up photos of her sonogram. 

See the pictures here:

The pictures have gone viral, attracting a lot of comments. Many congratulated her and wished her all the best for the journey ahead, while some were amused by the unusual photoshoot. 

One user wrote, ”This is so cute and hilarious. congratulations doll. welcome to motherhood. we really are doing this mommy shit though, black is beautiful btw Queen.” Another commented, ”This is so cute and hilarious.”

Later, she also acknowledged her haters in a separate post, and wrote, ”So I made my pictures public so friends and family could share it… now it’s random strangers commenting nonsense but I actually have nothing but time so tread lightly.”

In another Facebook post, she wrote, ”Now I gotta come up with something just as different for the maternity shoots & yes with an S because there will be multiple.”

She also revealed that she will be celebrating her gender reveal with family and friends on October 8. 

According to her LinkedIn, Ms. Logsdon is ”soon to be graduate of Kentucky State University.”

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