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US Restaurant Launches Luxurious ‘Gold Standard Burger’, Priced At Over Rs 55,000

Burgers are undoubtedly among the most popular fast foods. They are easy to make, extremely versatile and can instantly fix our hunger pangs, which is why we never miss out on the opportunity to indulge in one. Apart from being incredibly delicious, burgers are also quite afforable and don’t break the bank. Most eateries and fast food joints have them priced at nominal rates. And even when eating at a fancy restaurant, we don’t mind spending a few extra pennies for a burger that satisfies our cravings. However, how far are you willing to go to satisy your burger cravings? Recentlly, a restaurant in Philadelphia, USA, has launched a cheeseburger that comes with a hefty price tag of over Rs 55,000.
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According to NBC, a brand-new burger joint in Philadelphia, United States, has launched  a cheeseburger called the ‘Gold Standard Burger’, priced at a whopping $700 (Rs 57,987). It claims to be the priciest burger in Philadelphia, if not the entire country. The new burger joint will be a revamp of a restaurant called Drury Beer Garden, which will reopen in Midtown Village with a new name and menu, featuring this burger. 

Sharing their excitement about launching the burger, George Tsiouris, who owns the establishment with his sister, Vasiliki Tsiouris-Balis, told NBC, “We are excited to provide our guests with some amazing, creative and tasty options with our new menu concept.” His sister further added, “My brother and I had so much fun creating this menu, and we look forward to welcoming everyone.”
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According to the report, the burger is a Wagyu steak burger topped with aged Irish cheddar, honey, fresh black truffle, and lobster flame-grilled with cognac. Additionally, the brioche bun will be topped with gold leaf, and will be served with a side of fries drizzled with manuka honey.

The newly revamped Drury Beer Garden launched on May 19, 2023, on Sansom Street in Midtown Village.

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