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US Restaurant Employee Arrested After Bag Of Cocaine Found In Customer’s Hot Dog

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Illegal narcotics were discovered in a customer’s food at the restaurant, cops said.

A restaurant employee in New Mexico, US, was arrested after he lost his bag of cocaine that somehow landed up on a customer’s hot dog, police said on Sunday. According to New York Post, the man, identified as 54-year-old Jeffrey David Salazar, was working at Sonic Drive-In restaurant. He is now facing a felony charge for possession of a controlled substance, the Espanola Police said. 

As per the cops, illegal narcotics were discovered in a customer’s food at the restaurant. The substance was inadvertently placed in the food as Mr Salazar was preparing the order. Police said that a “field test” confirmed that the substance discovered in the food was cocaine. 

In the incident report, the cops said that a woman called the police on Tuesday after she bit into her food only to discover she had bitten into a plastic bag. She believes any of the powered substance went into her mouth. 

According to the arrest warrant, Mr Salazar was observed on video surveillance conducting “what appeared to be a hand-to-hand transaction with a female employee”. He was even seen preparing the customer’s food before appearing to frantically search the area “as if he lost something”.

According to the Post, Mr Salazar admitted to the police that he purchased the cocaine from someone in the restaurant’s parking lot.  

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Meanwhile, in another such incident, earlier this year, a Brazilian drug dealer’s usage of readily available cocaine for personal use became harmful for him after police arrested him while he was sleeping on a bed made of cocaine bricks. Police officers conducted a raid in the Sitio Conceicaozinha neighbourhood, in the Vicente de Carvalho district of Guaruja, to bust the local drug ring. 

The dealer was discovered intoxicated and lying over the cannabis bricks when the police arrived at the scene, seizing 105 cocaine bricks.