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US High School Teacher Sent On Leave For Discussing Sexual Pleasure In Class

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Judy Rehburg, a physiology and AP environmental science teacher was sent on leave

A teacher at El Dorado High School in Placentia, US was placed on administrative leave after being caught on camera telling students about sex toys and sexual pleasure. Judy Rehburg, a physiology and AP environmental science teacher was sent on leave after parents complained about the viral footage, Orange County Register reported.

“District employees are trusted to exercise professional judgment when deciding whether or not a particular issue is suitable for study or discussion,” Alyssa Griffiths, a spokeswoman for the Placentia-Yorba Linda school, district, told the newspaper.

“In the classroom, employees act on behalf of the district and are expected to follow the adopted curriculum, and they should not advocate personal opinions or viewpoints,” she added.

The newspaper further reported that in a secretly recorded video, the teacher discusses sex toys and how they are readily available at general retailers. She also discussed the role of the male prostate in sexual pleasure.

According to the El Dorado High School website, Ms Rehburg’s school syllabus talks about her anatomy and physiology class, it says it could include a unit covering pregnancy and the reproductive system.

As per New York Post report, in 2016 the state Board of Education approved comprehensive sex education laws to include inclusivity for health education.

The district said it is investigating the teacher’s conduct.

“With that being said, PYLUSD and EDHS will continue to work diligently to ensure that all students are allowed to learn in a safe and respectful environment,” said Ms Griffiths.