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UK Man De-transitions From A Woman Back To A Man, Explains Why He Did That

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Instagram influencer Oli London

Instagram influencer from Britain, Oli London, who previously transitioned to a Korean woman, changed his mind again and transitioned to a British man citing God and Christianity as the reason. He is now releasing his memoir titled ‘Detransition: A Memoir’ where Mr London has described his journey and struggles. He made waves in May 2022 when he revealed that he is a Korean transgender woman, only two years after declaring that he identifies as “transracial” and four years after undergoing significant surgery that cost a fortune, as per a report in NextShark

However, the influencer announced on Twitter back in October that “I am no longer trans and have gone back to living as a man”. In November, he revealed that he was “detransitioning” back to being a man, citing his Christian faith as the main reason. He insisted, however, that he was “born in the wrong body” because he was born British “when it should have been Korean”.

Now, in his new book, “Detransition: A Memoir”, the influencer talks about “how one man’s struggles with self-identity and detransition lays challenge to the very foundations of the gender ideology movement”, as per a press release.

The memoir explores the root cause of the issue of trans ideology and gender identity, tackling the pressures of social media, the education system, media, and other factors “that are pushing a growing number of young people into transitioning”.

“I hope that my book helps the many young people struggling with their identity, helps parents who need advice and guidance and helps those needing faith in their life to never give up hope and know that God will always be there to guide his stray sheep like a shepherd,” Mr London wrote in a post in Instagram where he has 7.80 lakh followers.

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