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“Trying To Create…”: Sachin Tendulkar On Son Arjun’s Cricket Career | Cricket News

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Indian batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar on Friday vowed to create the same environment for his son, Arjun, that was created for him during his childhood days and advised him to focus on his game. Sachin’s elder brother Ajit Tendulkar played a massive role in his early cricketing years. “I got the support from my family. Ajit Tendulkar (brother) was instrumental in finding a solution. Nitin Tendulkar (brother) made the painting for me on my birthday. My mother was working in LIC, while my father was a professor. They gave me freedom. I urge parents to give freedom to their children as well,” Tendulkar said.

He shed light on the importance of the supportive environment during a book launch event of ‘Scintillating Sachin.’

Talking about his son Arjun Tendulkar who recently made his IPL debut, Sachin said that he tells Arjun to pay attention to his game.

“I am trying to create the same environment which was created for me. When you appreciate yourself, people will appreciate you. Pay attention to your game as what my father used to say, and now I am telling Arjun,” he added.

Sachin added, “The media felicitated me when I retired from the game. At that time, I had requested the media to give the required space to Arjun and let him fall in love with Cricket. The journalists gave him the freedom, so I thank them for this”.

Arjun Tendulkar, a fast bowling all-rounder made his IPL debut for Mumbai Indians. This made ‘Tendulkars the only father-son duo to play in IPL history.

Just like his pre-retirement times, when Sachin Tendulkar stepped up on stage, the crowd started chanting “Sachin, Sachin!”

Emphasising the instrumental role of his parents and family, the Master Blaster urged people to give freedom to the children.

Tendulkar also got emotional while talking about his mother and her hard work during his childhood. He also divulged his wife’s key role in stopping him from undergoing surgery, adding, “During the Australia tour, I was having so many injuries that I decided to undergo surgery of both the legs. But, Anjali came all the way to Australia and cancelled that surgery. I was so frustrated due to injuries but Anjali took care of me,” Tendulkar further said.

During the event, singer Shaan sang Sachin’s favourite song. A special painting was also handed over to the cricketing icon. The programme concluded with a national anthem.

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