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Treat Yourself To Cheesy Paneer Cigar Rolls – The Perfect Paneer Recipe For Any Day

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Are you a passionate foodie always on the lookout for delectable snacks to savour? Your craving for a scrumptious snack doesn’t have to wait for the weekend; you can indulge in it any day of the week. To satisfy your midweek hankerings, we present the irresistible Cheesy Paneer Cigar Roll. This delectable paneer recipe is a perfect accompaniment for parties, fun gatherings with friends, or even movie nights. It’s a hit among children and can be the star of the show at their birthday parties. This snack sets itself apart from the usual suspects like potato fingers, samosas, and pizza, offering a taste that’s simply unmatched.

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While you might have experimented with various paneer recipes, the combination of cheese and paneer in these rolls elevates their flavour to new heights. Crafting these delectable cigar rolls involves crafting small rotis from all-purpose flour, creating a stuffing by blending cheese, paneer, capsicum, spring onions, and mild spices, and then encasing the filling within the rotis. These rolls are then deep-fried until they achieve a crispy, golden-brown perfection. The addition of vegetables, combined with paneer and cheese, enhances their taste profile. Pair your Cheesy Paneer Cigar Rolls with a zesty Chilli Garlic Dip or a comforting cup of tea or coffee. Read on for the complete recipe of Cheesy Paneer Cigar Rolls.

Easy Paneer Recipes: How To Make Cheesy Paneer Cigar Rolls

1. Start by kneading a soft dough from all-purpose flour with the help of water. Let it rest for half an hour. Meanwhile, prepare the filling by mixing paneer, cheese, capsicum, green onions, garlic, salt, and black pepper in a bowl. Ensure everything is well combined.

2. After the dough has rested, knead it once more and form small balls from it. Roll out thin rotis, applying a light layer of oil and dry flour between each pair of rotis.

3. Toast these rotis lightly on both sides in a pan. Once cooked, they should easily separate. Keep them covered separately.

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4. Heat oil in a pan to fry the rolls. While it heats up, prepare a slurry by mixing some flour and water in a bowl. Take one roti, apply the slurry paste all over it, then place the prepared filling in the centre and fold the edges inward to create a roll. Repeat this process for all the rotis.

For the full recipe of Cheesy Paneer Cigar Rolls, click here.

Upgrade your next gathering by serving these mouthwatering Cheesy Paneer Cigar Rolls to your guests. With their delectable combination of cheese and paneer, they’re sure to be a hit on any occasion.

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