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Toddler’s Reaction On Seeing Pizza Is The Cutest Thing On Internet Today

Pizza is a universal delight, capturing hearts from the tiniest of taste buds to seasoned palates. Its irresistibly delicious combination of flavours, melting cheese, savoury toppings and the perfect crust make it a favourite. Whether it’s a casual post-work dinner, a gathering with friends, or a celebration, pizza is the go-to choice. Even the littlest ones, toddlers barely able to speak, often light up at the sight of pizza, enticed by its vibrant colours and gooey cheese. Don’t believe us? Drop everything and watch this video featuring a little girl. The clip opens to the toddler standing at a table and looking at the pizza box. As soon as her father opens the box, the little one flashes a million-dollar smile and says, “Woohaaa”. 
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The video has racked up almost 5.6 million views on Instagram. The text attached to the clip reads, “This baby loves pizza”. And, we all agree.
A lot of people could relate to the baby and said that they would have the same reaction.
A user wrote,  “You ok baby girl, I still react that way when I get dominos delivered.” 
Another stated “Awwww- I feel that baby girl! That pizza looks yummmmmy!” 
“Same ….kid..same,” read a comment.
Some of them said that the baby is “so adorable.” 
“OMG. They are the cutest.” 
A few have called her “the cutest pizza lover.” 
Well, if you too are feeling like relishing a slice or two after looking at this adorable clip, we got you covered. You can prepare the yummiest delight in your kitchen with these easy-peasy recipes. Click here to check out the 17 best pizza recipes. Don’t forget to thank us later.