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Tired Of French Fries? 5 Fresh And Unique Ideas For Potato Snacks

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Potatoes: The heavenly ingredient that can be fashioned into everything from indulgent French fries to nutritious soups. Most of us cannot help but love this vegetable – which is often so tasty that we feel it should not be called one! Fries are an eternal favourite all around the globe. By now, the world has invented a thousand different topping combinations to make loaded fries, cheesy fries, french fry salads, and more. But why limit yourself to french fries? Today, we invite you to explore the full potential of potatoes and discover other delicious snacks that you can easily make at home.
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Here Are 5 Quick Ideas To Get You Started:

1. Crispy Bubble Potatoes

Bubble potatoes are crispy treats that take chips to a whole new level. Photo Credit: Instagram: mache.cooksperiment

If you’re someone who likes wafer-thin potato chips, you should really taste bubble potatoes. These mini pockets of goodness are crisp on the outside and filled with air inside, making them light and easy to binge on. What’s more, they take only 20 minutes to make! You require just three ingredients to make this snack: potatoes, corn flour and egg whites. Click here for the full recipe.

2. Potato Rings


Rings can be made of potatoes too, not just onions! Photo Credit: Pixabay

We have all heard of onion rings, but have you tried potato rings? This snack is a great choice if you have some leftover mashed potatoes. You will also need rava (semolina), butter and some seasoning. To make potato rings, you have to first add butter, oregano, chilli flakes and salt to a pan. Later add water and allow it to boil before adding the semolina. Later, combine the mashed potatoes with this mixture to form a dough. Make ring shapes and deep fry until golden! Click here for the full recipe.
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3. Sweet Potato Wedges


Sweet potato wedges are a healthier alternative to the classic kind. Photo Credit: Unsplash

You could opt for sweet potato wedges if you’re seeking a healthier snack. Rich in fibre, protein and potassium, sweet potatoes can aid in diabetes, weight management and stomach issues. Sweet potato wedges do not need to be deep fried – thus making them even better for your health. But they still remain as tasty as classic wedges! All you need to do is wash and dry sweet potatoes, cut them into wedges and season them with olive oil and spices. Bake or air-fry them until golden brown. Click here for the full recipe.
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4. Potato Cheese Shots


Cheesy potato shots combined two all-time favourite ingredients to make the perfect party snack. Photo Credit: iStock

You may have the habit of adding cheese on top of your fries, but what happens when you stuff it inside potato balls? These potato cheese shots are the stuff of dreams: they are lightly crisp, golden nuggets that ooze with cheese and seasoning when bitten into. They always seem to disappear from the plate too soon! This snack is another great choice for when you have leftover mashed potatoes. You have to mix the mashed potatoes with herbs and spices of your choice. Make a thick mixture that is not too sticky or too dry. Press mini cheese cubes into small balls of this mixture. Coat with cornflour, breadcrumbs and egg before deep frying. Click here for the full recipe.

5. Aloo Lollipops

Chicken lollipops are one of the most beloved starters for non-vegetarians. This vegetarian version relies on the power of potatoes to give a similar hint of spice and crispiness. To make aloo lollipops, you have to simply mix grated potatoes with chopped onions, chillies, and capsicum. Next, add spices like cumin powder, red chilli powder, chilli flakes, oregano and salt to taste. Use corn flour to thicken the mixture and combine thoroughly. Make big balls of the mixture, skewer them with an ice cream stick and shape them into ovals. Coat with bread crumbs on all sides and fry till golden. Click here for the full recipe.
These snacks are the perfect to binge on, anytime of the day or week. Thank goodness for potatoes!
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