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This Variety Of Bread May Help Reduce Belly Fat, Says Study (Recipe Inside)

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Bread is one of the staple foods in every kitchen. Whether you have it as toast, whip up sandwiches or bread pakoras or use it in the making of bread cutlets or pudding, there’s so much you can do with bread. In the recent past, bread has gained a somewhat notorious reputation. A lot of health advice online suggests that consuming bread may not be the best idea, especially if you are trying to lose weight. However, a new study has found that a specific variety of bread may actually contribute to a reduction in visceral fat or belly fat. Believe it or not, whole-grain wheat bread may be linked to a reduction in visceral fat obesity.

How Can Whole Wheat Bread Reduce Belly Fat? Study Reveals

A study was published in Plant Foods for Human Nutrition, a popular medical journal. Researchers from Tokyo, Japan carried out a randomized controlled trial to investigate the effect of the consumption of bread. “It was investigated whether a diet in which refined wheat bread (RW diet) was substituted by whole grain wheat bread (WW diet) would reduce visceral fat obesity in Japanese subjects,” stated the abstract of the study.

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White bread versus whole wheat bread was the focus of the study. Photo: iStock

The researchers studied 50 subjects with Body Mass Index over the normal 23.5kg per metre square range. One group of subjects was asked to consume refined wheat bread or white bread, while others had to take whole-grain wheat bread. After 12 weeks, the scholars found that visceral fat or belly fat had reduced significantly in the whole wheat bread group. Thus, the consumption of whole wheat bread could be helpful for those watching their weight. “WW diet led to significant and safe reductions in VFA in subjects with BMI greater than or equal to 23 kg/m2. WW diet may contribute to preventing visceral fat obesity,” read the study.

How To Make Whole Wheat Bread At Home | Whole Wheat Bread Recipes

So, if you love eating bread – swap it out with the whole grain wheat version instead of the refined flour version for a healthier you! You can even make your own whole wheat bread at home rather than purchasing from the market. Although it would take a little extra effort, it would surely be much healthier and would not have any added preservatives or chemicals. Click here for a recipe for homemade whole-wheat bread.

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Make your own whole-wheat bread at home. Photo: iStock

Once you have made whole wheat bread at home, you can create a variety of dishes with it. This whole wheat spinach sandwich is one such recipe that is loaded with good health and has excellent taste too. Click here for the spinach sandwich recipe.

In case you are bored of whole wheat bread and want to make something different, we have a ragi wheat bread recipe for you too. With the goodness of finger millet, this wholesome bread makes for an excellent addition to your diet. Find the full recipe of ragi wheat bread here.

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