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This One-Pot Paneer Kalimirch Recipe Will Change Your Dinner Game Forever

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Paneer always manages to leave us craving more. It’s a must-have for any dinner party or special occasion, and its versatility allows for endless culinary experimentation. Whether it’s the luscious Paneer Butter Masala, the regal Shahi Paneer, the flavoursome Kadhai Paneer, or the ever-popular Paneer Tikka, these dishes have won hearts not only in India but also among global food enthusiasts. The simplicity of most paneer dishes makes it a staple in many households, chilling comfortably in the fridge. Not only is paneer a delicious addition to any meal, but it’s also a protein powerhouse, making it a favoured option for those on a weight loss journey. Its protein content is also beneficial for maintaining strong muscles and bones. Amidst these renowned paneer delicacies, we bring to you a delightful recipe for Paneer Kalimirch that’s perfect for a cosy weekend dinner.

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The Health Benefits of Paneer:

Paneer, a dairy delicacy, isn’t just about taste; it’s a treasure trove of essential nutrients. Beyond being a rich source of protein, it also boasts calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D. The protein content aids in fortifying bones, and it’s often recommended for individuals with high blood pressure due to its potential to help lower it.

Paneer Kalimirch is a breeze to make, and its unique flavours are bound to tantalize your taste buds. This Indian paneer recipe generously incorporates black pepper instead of the usual array of spices. The balance of yogurt and cream mellows down the spiciness, while aromatic whole spices such as bay leaf, cardamom, and cinnamon lend a rich aroma. The addition of cashew paste makes this dish truly indulgent. Let’s not wait any longer – here’s the special recipe.

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How to Prepare Paneer Kalimirch | Paneer Kalimirch Recipe:

1. Begin by preparing a marinade in a bowl, combining yogurt, black pepper powder, ginger-garlic paste, cream, and salt.

2. Toss the paneer cubes in the marinade, ensuring they’re well coated, and set aside for 15 minutes.

3. Heat a teaspoon of oil in a pan, then add cardamom, bay leaf, and cinnamon. After a couple of seconds, add onions, green chillies, garlic, coriander, and cashews. Sauté for a short while, then add water and let it simmer for five minutes.

4. Let the mixture cool, remove the whole spices, and blend it into a smooth paste.

5. Fry the marinated paneer cubes in oil until they turn golden.

6. Heat another spoon of oil in a pan and add the prepared paste. Cook it along with yogurt, cream, black pepper, coriander powder, and garam masala, ensuring everything is well combined. Add more cream if desired.

7. Finally, add the paneer pieces, and a splash of water, and cook for two minutes. Serve the hot Paneer Kali Mirch with roti, paratha, or naan.

This delightful Creamy Paneer Delight is sure to be the highlight of your family dinner this weekend. Treat your loved ones to this scrumptious delight and witness the magic unfold.