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This Bengaluru Auto Driver Is A YouTube Influencer, Specialising In Personal Finance

Sushant Koshy shared a post on social media

An inspiring story from Bengaluru has surfaced on the internet. An Auto driver from the Silicon City of India has gone viral on Twitter. Sushant Koshy shared a post on social media as he met an Uber autorickshaw driver who wants to become a YouTube influencer and makes videos on personal finance. He tweeted a photo of a banner the auto driver had put up inside his autorickshaw. The banner advertises his YouTube channel called Gold Janardhan Investor.

The YouTube handle has 1.65k subscribers and over 100 videos on topics including “printing note is not good for the country”, “Maruti 800 car vs Maruti shares” and “how to choose your first stock”.

Along with the post, Mr Koshy also tagged the Twitter account Peak Bengaluru. He wrote, “My Uber auto driver today is a YouTube influencer, specialising in personal finance.”

Check out the Twitter:

In a follow-up tweet, he wrote, “His layman explanation of why central banks can’t just print money is Really impressive!”

Impressed by his video, Mr Koshy wrote in another tweet, “Went through Autodriver Janardhan’s YouTube channel and I am so mighty impressed. He: 1. Learnt moderately complex economic topics 2. Explained them in laymen’s terms 3. Created videos with graphs etc All while running his auto. This deserves a case study.”

Social media users were impressed by his tweet, a user commented, “Then I am still contemplating if I should actually start using my youtube account.”

Another user commented, “This is awesome!”

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