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This American Brand Just Launched A Bizarre Ice Cream Flavour – Find Out What It Is

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HL option 2: ‘Is It April Fool’s Already?’ Brand Launches Ranch-Flavoured Ice Cream, Netizens Divided. The bizarre food combinations just won’t stop. Almost every day, we come across a new video of people cooking food in weird and unexpected ways. Recently, a video showing a soda drink with cheese grabbed eyeballs online. Before that, it was a ‘Maggi Curd Pizza’ that went viral for the wrong reasons. Don’t even get us started on pani puri – people nowadays are adding everything from fizzy drinks to ice cream and calling it pani puri. Many of these strange inventions are by individuals or local vendors. But how is one to react when brands also seem to jump on this wagon?
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Recently, an American ice cream chain, Van Leeuwen, launched a new flavour: Ranch Ice cream. Yes, you read that right: It’s an ice cream flavoured with a savoury salad dressing! Ranch dressing is usually made using buttermilk, sour cream, garlic, onion and herbs – very far from your typical ice cream ingredients. It is also popular as a dip or sandwich spread. The limited edition desert was released to celebrate National Ranch Day on 10th March. It is a product of a collaboration between the ice cream chain and the Hidden Valley Ranch company. Have a look at the brand’s Instagram post below:

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The post has received more than 6K likes so far. Many Instagram users were bewildered by this ice cream flavour. Others confessed that they were intrigued. Here are some of their reactions:

“This one is going strictly to the ice cream graveyard.”
“Is it April fools already?? This is wild!”
“Only if a purchase comes with crazy spicy wings would I even consider turning to this lol.”
“One question: Why? Follow-up question: Why……do I want to try it?!?”
“Love ranch, just not in my ice cream.”
“Uhh, I’m pretty sure you just made my 7-year-old’s dreams come true.”
“Ummm. There was a line that was crossed here…”
“I thought this was an April fool’s joke.”

What do you think about this ice cream? Would you like to try it? Let us know in the comments below!
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