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Swiggy’s Latest ‘Bournvita’ Meme Makes The Internet Nostalgic

The word ‘Bournvita’ instantly takes us down memory lane. Right? As kids, when we would throw tantrums for having a glass of plain milk, a scoop of Bournvita came to the rescue. Not just with milk, some of us would sneak into the kitchen and have it as is. Let us admit, we all have done it at some point or the other. After all, it’s Bournvita we are talking about! Be it the crunchy texture or the instant chocolate flavour, the joy of having it dry can’t be compared with anything else. Even today, most of us have a packet of Bourvita resting on our kitchen shelves. You never know when you feel like picking a spoon and relishing it. Wondering why we are talking about Bournvita today?! It’s because of the latest post by Swiggy. The food delivery platform has shared a Bournvita meme. The meme shows a teary eyed cat holding a bottle of Bournvita. The text reads, “Jabse sookha Bournvita khana bandh kiya hai life ka downfall shuru ho gaya (The moment I stopped consuming raw Bournvita, the life has started showing a downfall).” Well, do you agree? At least, we totally do!

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The latest upload has grabbed a lot of attention on social media. People have shared their Bournvita memories in the comments section and it made us nostalgic.

A user said, “Jabse mummy ne apne hath se khilana band kiya hai, life ka downfall shuru ho gaya (The time since my mother has stopped feeding me with her hands, my life has started showing a downfall)”.

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Another wrote, “True! Swiggy ab bournvita bhi ghar par puchna start karo (Swiggy, now start supplying Bournvita also to our door steps)”

Relating to the good old days, this person said, “I’m still doing that phir mera downfall kyu hora h (I am still doing that, but I don’t know why, I am facing a downfall in life)”

“Paddle bro, Ye Kahan se downfall shuru hua batane se Ghar nahi chalta (Study bro! There’s no point in sitting and cribbing about the downfall. It won’t give you money to survive),” read a comment.

The latest Bournvita meme has attracted the attention of “kachi Maggi” fans out there.

What childhood memories do you have with Bournvita?

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