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Student Flaunts Indian Flag At His Graduation In New York, Internet Reacts

qpcl7mfo brigadier sohi was amazed by his sons gesture of unshakable patriotism

Brigadier Sohi was amazed by his son’s gesture of unshakable patriotism.

All those students studying in foreign lands miss their homeland once in a while. One often tends to miss the convenience and warmth of home, the familiar roads, the warm smiles and the comfort of knowing nothing could go wrong. Living abroad, one carries their identity associated with their home country proudly and this was exemplified by a student who wore the Indian national flag along with his robe at his graduation ceremony in New York. 

Brigadier Hardeep Singh Sohi took to Twitter to share pictures of his son’s graduation ceremony at New York University. In the pictures, his son wore the traditional graduation gown and cap along with the Indian national flag proudly displayed on his stole. He is all smiles as he poses for both the pictures. Brigadier Sohi was amazed by his son’s gesture of unshakable patriotism. He captioned the post as, “My Son Flaunting the National Flag with Pride during his Graduation Ceremony.”

Since being shared, the post has amassed over 1.3 lakh views and a thousand likes.

“Congratulations to the parents and the young man!” said a user.

“Your son’s patriotism is truly inspiring! It’s amazing to see a new generation of proud Indians graduating with such enthusiasm and love for their country. Congratulations to him!” said another user.

A third user added, “Great pride you have passed on to the next generation.”

“The brigadier raised a champ,” said another internet user.

“Mundaa chhaa gaya ! Godbless him !” remarked a fifth user.

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