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”Stealing Electricity”: Man Claims His Boss Yelled At Him For Charging Phone At Work

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Reddit users were left aghast and slammed the employee’s boss.

Needless to say, all jobs include some level of stress. However, a person can feel an added amount of stress if the workplace is toxic, and the boss is unsupportive and insensitive. These days, several employees have been sharing accounts of their professional lives on social media, including the challenges they face at their workplaces.

One such employee shared a rather bizarre situation he faced at his workplace. In a Reddit post that is going viral, a user who goes by the name of @Melodic-Code-2594, shared that his boss yelled at him for charging his phone at work, accusing him of ”stealing the company’s electricity for personal use.”

He wrote, ”My boss got onto me today for charging my phone at work, saying I’m stealing the company’s electricity for personal use. What do you guys think? I’m not on my phone all day or anything I just sometimes forget to charge it at night before I go to bed. It’s a desk job”

See the post here:

Is charging your personal phone while at work considered stealing electricity?
by u/Melodic-Code-2594 in antiwork

Needless to say, Reddit users were left aghast and slammed the employee’s boss. 

One user said, “Your boss is a douchebag. Saying that’s stealing company electricity is like saying breathing is stealing company air or drinking from a water fountain is stealing company water.”

Another commented, ”Tell him you won’t charge your phone at the office but you won’t be taking any calls from the office on it as then the company is stealing your talk time and battery life.”

A third said, ”Tell him the 3 cents it takes for you to charge your phone is nothing compared to what he’s stealing by not paying you all enough.”

“Tell your boss don’t flush the toilet after use because it stealing company water,” joked a fourth. 

The user later edited the post and revealed that he came to know that his boss is being let go at the end of the month.

He added, ”Just found out today through an announcement to the team that our boss who made this comment to me is being let go at the end of the month. Probably why he was lashing out.”

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