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Spice Up Your Snack Time With This Delicious Tomato-Mint Chutney Recipe

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One of the biggest festivals of the year, Holi is finally here and we are all set to celebrate it with much fun and fervour. From Gulaal to water guns, colours and more, we are sure you have arranged it all for the Holi party. But no celebration is complete without some decadent foods. Holi celebration and food go hand-in-hand, with pakodas, samosas, and more to amp up the Holi celebration. But have you prepared the chutney yet? One of the most underrated dishes in Indian cuisine, chutney helps elevate your meal experience instantly. What fascinates us the most is the range of chutney recipes that we find around.
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A humble chutney follows no one-size-fits-all theory, hence you would find different variations in one simple recipe. One such amazing instance is hari chutney. If you explore, you would find people using different concoctions to prepare this delicacy. This makes chutney taste different in different households, still, it remains an essential part of our everyday meals.

Why is chutney an essential accompaniment with pakodas?

Chutney is a traditional Indian condiment that is typically served alongside a variety of snacks and dishes, including pakodas. There are several reasons why chutney makes an essential accompaniment with pakodas:
Enhances flavours:
Pakodas are typically deep-fried snacks that can be quite rich and heavy. Chutney, on the other hand, is fresh, tangy, and spicy, which provides a contrast in flavour that complements the richness of the pakodas.
Complements the texture of pakoda:
Chutney has a thick, chunky texture that provides a nice contrast to the crispy exterior of the pakodas. The combination of crunchy pakodas and chunky chutney adds a burst of flavour to your palate.
Aids digestion:
Pakodas are deep-fried, which can make them heavy and difficult to digest. Chutney, particularly mint chutney, contains digestive properties that can help to alleviate the heaviness and aid digestion.
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Here, we have found a unique green chutney recipe that includes a perfect balance of tomato, coriander, and mint, along with a few other herbs and spices. This tomato-mint-coriander chutney is tangy, sweet, and spicy, making it the perfect dish to pair with pakoda. This particular recipe is shared by Chef Anahita Dhondy on her Instagram handle. Take a look.

How to make tomato-mint-coriander chutney – chef’s special recipe:

Start by blending onions, garlic, tomatoes, and ginger with some ice salt and cumin powder. Always remember to blend tomato and onion first and then add other ingredients for a smoother texture. Also, add ice cubes to keep the colour intact.
Next, add mint and coriander to this and blend it together nicely with some more ice. Season with salt and lemon juice. Transfer it to a clean jar and store it in the refrigerator.
Watch the detailed recipe video below:

Prepare the dish today and enjoy it with pakodas, samosas, and other fried foods. Happy Holi 2023!
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