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Savour The Taste Of Weight Loss: Try This Tasty Desi Protein Salad Recipe

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What meal comes to your mind first when you think of a weight loss diet? Salad, of course. Light and full of nutrition, salad is the ideal choice for weight watchers not just in India but all over the world. Unlike other regular Indian dishes, there is a low amount of oil, no carbs, and fewer masalas in salads. That’s why, it is usually preferred for dinner when our digestion system is running low. But having a plate of any salad is not enough to see your weight dropping down. The meal needs to give your body the right nutrients to fuel it and fill it.

Does protein salad help in weight loss?

While salad may not directly cause weight loss, its ingredients typically have low-calorie counts and high amounts of fibre and protein. This can help increase feelings of fullness, which may lead to consuming fewer calories overall without feeling unsatisfied. To optimise the nutritional value of your salad, choose ingredients that are both healthy and protein-rich.

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Egg salad is one of the most delicious protein-rich salads. Photo Credit: iStock

On that thought, protein is the most important nutrient that should be a part of weight loss meals, ergo your salad too. This protein-rich salad recipe is perfect for beginners as well as pro cooks to make for a healthy dinner. Also, if you want to entertain your guests with a salad as part of the spread, this salad looks attractive enough to impress them.

Another reason to go for this salad is that it has been curated by an expert, especially for those wanting to up their protein intake healthily for a weight loss diet. Dietitian Tanvee Tutlani shared the recipe for this protein-packed paneer and chana salad on her Instagram page ‘dietsmart_tanveetutlani’.

If the contents of this salad are good, the presentation of this salad is even better. Plated on a bed of bright lettuce leaves, the colourful salad is sure to be the centrepiece of your dinner table. Let’s see how to make and plate this salad.

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How To Make Protein-Rich Salad For Weight Loss I Paneer Chana Salad Recipe

If you want to make your preparation look as good as the one in the video, make sure to take a fancy plate from your collection. Then splay it with fresh lettuce leaves. Throw in some boiled chana, cherry tomatoes, sliced onions, and paneer cubes.

Now make the dressing for the salad, and that’s too surprisingly easy. Just combine lemon juice, olive oil, honey, salt and black pepper. Mix well and pour it all over the salad. Garnish with microgreens and your salad is ready to be devoured.

If you are eating your salad with lots of protein and other nutrients, your body will stay healthy and you’ll end up losing those extra kilos without compromising on taste. Here are more such delicious protein-rich salad recipes you can add to your weight loss diet.