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RSS Chief’s “Leftist Attack” Remark On Pre-School Lesson On Private Parts

navsss6o mohan

Mohan Bhagwat speaking at the launch of a Marathi book (File)


Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat on Sunday called the educational exercise where pre-school students were taught about their private parts an attack by the Leftist ecosystem.

He was speaking at the launch of a Marathi book “Jagala Pokharnari Davi Walvi (World weakening Leftist termites)” in Pune.

“I visited a school in Gujarat where a seer showed me an instruction manual of a kindergarten school. It said that class teachers have been asked to find out whether students of KG-2 knew the names of their private parts. The attack (of Leftist ecosystem) has come this far and it is not possible without the help of the people,” he said.

The RSS chief added that such attacks are being made on all the auspicious things in “our” culture.

“The first order after the new government was formed in the US (after Donald Trump) was related to school, where teachers were asked not to talk to students about their gender. Students should be able to decide on their own. If a boy says that he is now a girl, then the boy should be allowed to use the toilet meant for girls,” Mr Bhagwat said.

“Why wouldn’t their culture stink?” he wondered.

During his speech, Mohan Bhagwat also said that Leftist people have arrogance and “excessive pride in their evil tendency”. 

“They do not have the people’s support and may have some money power but their ecosystem is growing. We (RSS) are lagging behind.” 

“We need to shred the confusion they have created about our own world. This book is a textbook for such work,” he said.