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Rakhis, Earphones, Screws Among 100 Items Pulled From Punjab Man’s Stomach

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After a three-hour long surgery, doctors were able to remove the items from his body.

Doctors at a hospital in Punjab’s Moga were in for a shock on Thursday when, while operating on a patient, they discovered earphones, lockets, screw and even rakhis inside his stomach. The 40-year old was admitted to the Medicity Hospital in Moga with high fever and stomach ache after he complained of nausea for over two days. As his stomach pain failed to subside, doctors decided to conduct an X-ray scan on his stomach to determine the cause of his pain. The results were disturbing.

The scan showed several metallic objects lodged inside the man’s stomach. After a three-hour long surgery, doctors were able to successfully remove the items from his body.

Among the almost hundred items pulled out of his stomach were earphones, washers, nuts and bolts, wires, rakhis, lockets, buttons, wrappers, hairclips, a zipper tag, a marble and a safety pin.

Dr. Ajmer Kalra, the director of the hospital, said this was the first such case encountered by him and the man had been suffering from stomach problems for two years. Even though all the items were removed from his body, the man’s condition is not stable, the doctor said. The items were inside his stomach for a long time and that has caused other health issues, he added.

The man’s family said they were also surprised by the findings and did not know when and why he consumed the items. His parents had no clue about how he managed to eat the items but said that he suffered from mental illnesses.

They said he complained of stomach ache and was unable to sleep, days before he was hospitalised. They had taken him to several doctors before but none were able to diagnose the cause behind his pain.