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Rajasthan Medical Student Jumps To Death From Hostel Balcony, Leaves Note

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Sudhanshi Singh lived alone in her hostel room

New Delhi:

An aspiring doctor jumped to her death from the balcony of her hostel room in Rajasthan, which is witnessing a horrifying spate of suicides among students. The state has logged at least 27 cases of student suicides so far this year – the highest in a year.

Sudhanshi Singh, 21, was a first-year MBBS student at Rajasthan’s Dungarpur Medical College. She was found dead this morning below her hostel building with a gut-wrenching message for her family scribbled on her palm. “After today I won’t make any mistakes, I promise. Sorry, Ma, Papa, Bhai, and Rohit,” it read.

The body has been kept in a mortuary for an autopsy, which will be done once her parents arrive.

Sudhanshi lived alone in her hostel room. This morning some students saw her going to the washroom after which she went back to her room and jumped to her death from the balcony.

As she fell with a loud thud, the other students rushed out and found her lying in a pool of her blood. Her skull had cracked open from the impact. She was rushed to a hospital, where the doctors pronounced her dead.

The hostel authorities alerted the police, who went to the spot and later, to the hospital. The parents are on their way from Bharatpur and the police will speak with them to find out the real cause of death.

The state government has issued fresh guidelines for all coaching centres and institutions as the number of such cases saw an exponential rise across the state this year. The insitutes have been asked to put safety nets to break a fall, install springs in ceiling fans, and counsel students regularly.