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Passenger Flying Business Class Shocked To Get ONE Banana For In-Flight Meal

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The recent whirlwind of reports on disappointing airline foods has left us shocked. We were still grappling with the news of an Air India passenger finding insect in his meal, shortly after chef Sanjeev Kapoor condemned the airline for unappetising food, when this news popped up. A business class passenger was served just one banana in his in-flight meal. The chopsticks served along with the banana completed the look of the meal but does it even make sense to eat banana with chopsticks? 

The man named Kris Chari was travelling in an over 7-hours Japanese airline flight from Indonesia to Tokyo, Japan. He pre-ordered VGML (vegan) option from the pre-lunch snack menu but little did he know that it would consist of just a banana. 

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Narrating the incident on Flyertalk forum, Kris Chari said, “Before takeoff today my flight attendant confirmed that I ordered VGML and that my breakfast was a banana, by which I mistakenly assumed she meant that breakfast included a banana. When she served the banana after takeoff I thought it was just an underwhelming appetizer, but it was in fact the entire meal service! It was cute of the crew to serve the banana with chopsticks, though!”

The non-vegan snack option in the airline menu consisted of seared tuna with a Moroccan-style eggplant salad, two kinds of cheese with orange salsa, paired with a baguette. Left with just a banana, Kris Chari made it a point to still enjoy his meal. “It was a really good banana-one of the best I’ve had recently-but it still seems more appropriate as a snack. Is catering out of CGK typically this underwhelming?” he questioned.

Kris Chari also informed that the lunch that was served later had barely seasoned spaghetti. “My meals on other JL flights (part of this itinerary) were also bad, but nothing was quite as insubstantial as this (banana).”

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Funny or disappointing? What do you think of this vegan in-flight meal?

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