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Parrot’s Vocal Skills Lead To Heartwarming Reunion With The Owner In France

nonbc7o8 the west african grey is also known as gabon grey in

The west African grey is also known as Gabon grey in French.

Imagine a scenario in which a pet animal manages to rescue itself by revealing its identity to law enforcement through vocalising its own name. This sounds surprising, but this happened recently, and this news is doing the rounds on the internet.

A West African grey parrot, stolen in France three years ago, has been reunited with its owner thanks to a remarkable turn of events. Last week, a vendor attempted to sell the parrot near the Old Port of Marseilles. However, it’s important to note that this species is protected by law, making their sale illegal, as reported by The Times of London.

According to the news portal, when police examined the bird, which had no identifying ring, it said, “Jako, Jako, Jako…”. The name is traditional in France for parrots, like Polly in English, but one of the officers recalled that a colleague had lost his African grey with that name in 2020. He had told everyone at the station that the animal would state its name if found.

The owner was reunited with the pet after a night at a charity animal shelter, where its identity was confirmed, La Provence newspaper reported. “The bird shouted its name as soon as it saw its owner,” it said.

The African grey parrot, renowned for its conversational abilities and sociable nature, is a highly valuable avian species, with an approximate value of Rs 2 lakh. This significant worth has unfortunately made it a prime target for theft and illicit sales.

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