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“Paltu Kumar”: Bihar BJP Chief Amid Speculation Of Nitish Kumar’s Return

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“He was not a CM earlier, he became one with the favour of the BJP.”


Bihar Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Samrat Chaudhary on Thursday dismissed speculations of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar returning to the BJP-led alliance, National Democratic Alliance stating that the BJP has declared him ‘Paltu Kumar’ (one who keeps switching sides).

“Who’s calling Janata Dal (United)? It’s the party of Nitish Kumar so it’s his call. We have declared him ‘Paltu Kumar’. Lalu Yadav used to call him Paltu Kumar…It’s BJP’s favour towards Nitish Kumar…He was not a CM earlier, he became one with the favour of the BJP…He has not done any favours for BJP”, Mr Chaudhary said while speaking to reporters in Bihar’s Patna.

Meanwhile, JDU President Lalan Singh also set aside the speculations of Nitish Kumar joining the NDA bloc stating, “The BJP is a ‘Kanfuska’ party. Their job is to mislead. Every day, there are reports being disseminated that Nitish Kumar is getting closer to BJP. The BJP is not even eligible to be looked at by Nitish Kumar. Did BJP and its Government fulfil any of the promises it made to the people of the country?”

Earlier on Monday, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar dismissed the speculations of his return to the NDA saying that he has been working to unite the opposition.

“You all know, I have been working to unite the Opposition. I have nothing to do with what others say…” CM Kumar said while speaking to the reporters in Bihar’s Patna.

He also did not attend the inauguration ceremony of the Vande Bharat Express in Patna on Sunday.

Union Minister Giriraj Singh reacted to Lalan Singh’s remark stating that all doors to the BJP are closed for Nitish Kumar.

“BJP has clarified quite early that all doors to the BJP are closed for Nitish Kumar. This matter doesn’t arise from our side, these things come out of their activities…We don’t abuse Nitish ji or call him ‘palturam’. That is what his nephew, who is now his Deputy CM, calls him. His political credibility is gone and that is why people make speculations and Lalu ji get scared…” Giriraj Singh said while speaking to reporters.

Last year, Nitish Kumar quit the NDA and joined the alliance named ‘Mahagathbandhan’ with the RJD.

‘Mahagathbandhan’ is a coalition of political parties including RJD, JDU and the Congress among others, formed ahead of the Bihar assembly polls in 2015.

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