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Padmini Kolhapure Reviews Paloma Dhillon’s Debut Performance In Dono: “You Are A Natural”

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Image Instagrammed by Padmini Kolhapure. (Courtesy: PadminiKolhapure)

New Delhi:

Actress Poonam Dhillon’s daughter Paloma Dhillon recieved the biggest shout out from veteran actor Padmini Kolhapure for her performance in her debut film Dono alongside Rajveer Deol. The Preg Rog star on Sunday posted two images of Paloma from her film Dono and wrote a heartfelt message, praising the young actor on her debut performance. She wrote, “Paloma, you are a natural I must say ! You have surpassed my expectations and it was such a pleasure watching you on screen. Those beautiful eyes even more lit up with your charming smile (not missing the dimple) Looks like you’re all set to winning. God Bless you and keep up the good work and to your mommy Poonam Dhillon and Daddy #ashokthakeria.”

Responding to the words of praise Paloma said, “Thank you, love you.” Paloma’s mom and actress Poonam Dhillon also responded by writing, “Thank you for your appreciation. Good wishes and love.”

See Padmini Kolhapure’s review of Paloma’s performance in Dono:

Dono is set against the backdrop of a lavish destination wedding, Dev (Rajveer) – friend of the dulhan, meets Meghna (Paloma) – a friend of the dulha. Amidst the festivities of a big fat Indian wedding, a heart-warming journey commences between two strangers who have one destination, read the film’s description.

String Reveals’s Saibal Chatterjee, in his review of Dono wrote, “Rajveer Deol and Paloma Dhillon aren’t short of enthusiasm, but the two young actors have some way to go before they can be regarded as finished articles. They do show flashes that suggest that they are on the way. Individually and in stray scenes, they do exude youthful charm. But there isn’t much chemistry between the two.”